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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Renaissance Intrigue and Battle

This week we stopped in again at Sure Shot Coffee in Fishers to battle it out with Condottiere.  The premise of Condottiere is that during the Renaissance period, Italy was divided into numerous independent city-states, sometimes friendly and sometimes hostile.  This is the era in which the Condottieri appear as leaders of mercenary armies who offered their services to the most powerful cities.  In Condottiere, you relive this incredible age, and represent a Condottiere trying to conquer the most famous cities in Italy.  However, you are not alone!  You must take into account the ambitions of the other Condottieri.  The strength of your army alone will not suffice.  You must use diplomacy if you want a chance at victory.  The goal in Condottiere is to conquer city-states, unite them, and create the most powerful kingdom in Italy.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Coup d'etawesome

This week we visited Calvin Fletchers Coffee Company in Fountain Square to play Coup.  Our experience was very nice.  The employees are very kind and attentive, and the beverages really hit the spot!  The environment was relaxed, art-centric and welcoming.  We very much enjoyed the service we received from Calvin Fletchers Coffee and look forward to returning again!  Today's awesome game of choice is Coup, the dystopian future, social deduction, player elimination game so get ready for a mix of deceitful, but also truthful allegations and backstabbery. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Who's the Boss?

Today we returned to the rustic, ski-lodge scenery of Mama Bears Bakery in Fishers to play Boss Monster.  Anyone who has played classic dungeon RPG games knows that the hero is the one and only individual who can save either the princess, or mankind, with his fortitude.  This game however is going to make us do the opposite.  In this dungeon building card game, you are the boss monster who is set out to lure the heroes into your dungeon and destroy them, taking their souls.  The methods in getting to this point will vary from game to game depending on the cards you draw from the room deck.  If you play your cards right, you can build an effective dungeon path to destroy every hero who enters, claiming each of their souls.  Whoever collects 10 souls first, is the winner. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Boards & Brews at Home: 7 Wonders

For this segment we are scheduled once again to play big box games at home with more components!  Tonight Ryan, Kayte and Rand join us to play the card drafting, set collection game, 7 Wonders.  In 7 Wonders you are the leader of one of the 7 great cities of the Ancient World.  It is up to you to gather resources, develop commercial routes, affirm your military supremacy, and build your city to evolve an architectural wonder which will transcend futures to come.  7 Wonders lasts three ages.  Just like other card drafting games, each player begins each turn by selecting a card from their hand and then passing the remaining cards to an adjacent player.  Then, like other card drafting games, all players will simultaneously reveal their cards, playing resources if needed, or collecting resources. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Gen Con 2015

This week we take a look at the four greatest days of gaming, Gen Con which is held in the Indianapolis Convention Center downtown.  It's like Christmas during the summer!  Today was the last day for Gen Con, but before I bid it farewell for another year, I'm going to share my thoughts about the experience.  One of the most fascinating things about Gen Con aside from thousands of tabletop games, is the massive volume of people that come from all over the world to be there.  Claire and I worked as volunteers this year and we met and spoke to people not only from all over the US, but from all over the world.