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Monday, October 31, 2016

Boards & Brews at Home: Mansions of Madness

  Happy Halloween Everyone!  

We hope you all have had a wonderful Halloween this year!  On this night we look once again to another game of Cthulhu themed horror to review Mansions of Madness.  To assist through the adventure and mystery, we are drinking Cthulhu-ritas which we prepped ourselves complete with tentacles!  The tentacles are the shavings that we cut and shaped from our limes.  We knew since this year has seen a massive influx of Cthulhu games, it would be fun to make these type of drinks to follow the theme.  In this game of mystery and terror there are horrific monsters that lurk in the shadows of manors, crypts, and monasteries near Arkham Massachusetts. Some dispense dark conspiracies while others wait to devour their victims or drive them insane! The fate lies in the hands of brave investigators to explore these cursed places and reveal the truth of the evil within.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Boards & Brews at Home: Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu

The newly anticipated Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu has been out for a couple months now, and if you attended Gen Con, you had a chance to pick up a copy when it debuted. If you read our Gen Con segment from this year, you already noticed that we’ve played and reviewed this game. However, since it is the month of October and we purchased our own copy, I wanted us to bring this back again for a closer and more detailed look. Today we drank peppermint tea made by Adagio Teas. The savoring aroma of these lightly grounded, and smooth minty herbs really hit the spot as we worked together to keep the evil from coming through the portals. Do you like Pandemic? How about Cthulhu? Perhaps a game that encompasses both worlds? Come with us as we delve into the world of HP Lovecraft to save humanity!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Chain of Ghouls

For this weeks segment we’re battling against vampires and lycans in order to survive the night in the grisly deck-building game known as Nightfall.  Have you ever seen 30 Days of Night, or Underworld?  This game is a collaboration of those two films.  The vampires look very similar to the ones in 30 Days of Night, and the game actually takes place over the course of a couple weeks in darkness so that’s fitting with consideration to the film.  If you’ve ever seen Underworld you know that it’s all about vampires versus werewolves which is also the case in this game.  In this deck-builder you and your opponent/s will face off to attack each other giving as many wounds to each other as possible.  Once by the end of the game, whoever has the least amount of wounds is declared the strongest player and the winner.  The howling werewolves and the shrill screaming vampires echo over the land.  Venture forward and read about this horrific deck building game of survival through the night. 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

What The Hex?

Today we returned to Sure Shot Coffee in Fishers to play the Smirk & Dagger card game, HEX HEX.  As a delightfully new addition to Sure Shot’s menu, there is now an option for a Peruvian pour over coffee.  It was rich, bright, and had a very smooth finish.  My vanilla iced latte was very good and I’m glad to see Sure Shot has added crushed ice to their coffee.  Steve joins us this October as a mummy and as always, enjoys being in the spot light of tabletop gaming.  HEX HEX is a fast-paced, 3 to 6 player card game, in which you are trying to place a hex on the other players around you and the object is to get the hexes away from you and put them on other people as quickly as possible. There’s a lot of little aspects to these cards, so like our other reviews, this will be summed up enough to give you the gist of the game.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Deep Slumbers In The Well

It's that time of the year again when we gather our games of terror and mystery to reveal their darkness for the October segments.  For this week’s review we venture to a new coffee shop in Fishers that just recently opened known as The Well. Some of their breakfast food consists of bagels, muffins, waffles, bacon, and eggs. They also serve lunch and dinner options such as turkey wraps, hummus wraps, grilled cheese, house salads, quesadillas, and much more. Claire had the 'Here It Is' latte which had a pumpkin spice flavor that she says was pleasantly spicy, but not overly sweet.  I had the carmel apple cider which carried a rich flavor of apples that overpowered the carmel a little, but still very delicious and we both highly recommend these seasonal beverages.  Their layout is open with a clean, modern decor and multiple seating options. The service and food was also very good.  We look forward to returning to The Well again!  Now, follow us into a lucid dream world where we are trying to escape from labyrinths and nightmares in this 2 player cooperative card game.