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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Top 10 Expansions We Own: #4

Everyone loves that tantalizing sound of money in their hands.  Realizing that you’ve prospered from those days when you toiled in the fields wearing your straw hat just struggling to make ends meet.  Now, after years of hard work, you’ve risen to great heights and you’re moving forward to conquer a world that you once feared, but now envy’s you.  Coming in at our number 4 expansion is Dominion: Prosperity.  This is the 4th expansion to the deck-building game, Dominion.  It adds 25 new Kingdom cards to the game, plus 1 new base Treasure card, and 1 new Victory Point card, both of which allow you to build above Gold and Province.  Your central theme is wealth.  There are treasures with abilities, cards that interact with treasures, and powerful expensive cards.  Read on to see more. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Top 10 Expansions We Own: #5

Diseases are spreading into epidemics of massive proportions, creating outbreaks much worse than before.  Your chances of epidemics are considerably higher, and the intensity at how they spread is much greater than before.  Was saving humanity too easy in the beginning?  It’s time to greatly increase the weight of Pandemic with new roles, events, and challenges.  Coming in at our #5 spot is Pandemic: On The Brink.  This is the first expansion for Pandemic and in my opinion, it’s still the best one I could recommend.  Read on to see why.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Top 10 Expansions We Own: #6

The newly discovered outer worlds, with their rich, untapped resources, are tempting targets for those seeking to expand their power.  Now, the scramble for control of these unclaimed territories begins.  Will you outwit your opponents and claim victory in the Colony Wars, or fail and see your Star Realm lost?  Coming in at #6 is Star Realms: Colony Wars.  Everyone that knows about this game, understands that the expansions are typically small, including 12 new cards in each expansion.  Colony Wars is a full standalone/expansion for Star Realms and this is one of the primary reasons we have placed it in our number 6 spot.  There are a lot more cards in this expansion so read on to get a brief rundown on the game.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Top 10 Expansions We Own: #7

I as well as numerous others have referred to it as the next Monopoly.  30 years from now, while others will fade away, this game shall stand the test of time.  As we look at number 7 in our top 10 expansions list, we’ve chosen the 1910 expansion of Ticket To Ride.  A good way to describe this expansion would be, there’s little going on in this small box, except everything is bigger and better.  Little time has passed in the timeline of the original Ticket To Ride game, except many new routes have been built, the new mega game, big cities, and a new reward!  All packed into one small box to complete what should have been included in the original game.  The bottom line is it was released into an expansion, and it’s time to show you why we chose this expansion over the others we own for Ticket To Ride.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Top 10 Expansions We Own: #8

For this weeks review we look at our number 8 spot of our top 10 expansions that we own.  Claire and I don’t always see eye to eye on all of the social deduction games we own, but Coup is definitely one that we both thoroughly enjoy.  In the story of Coup Reformation, the resistance has gained popular support and entire regions are in open rebellion.  In a desperate attempt to stay in control, some government leaders are publicly supporting the reforms demanded by the resistance.  However, allegiances are constantly shifting, and can be bought for the right price.  The opportunity for intrigue and bluffing has never been greater.  The cost of failure couldn’t be higher.  Even with talk of reformation, only one can survive.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Top 10 Expansions We Own: #9

Coming in at #9 for the top 10 game expansions that we own, is the 2nd expansion for Settlers of Catan, Cities & Knights.  Let’s face it, Settlers of Catan is the quintessential gateway game for newcomers to tabletop gaming.  It released in 1995 and has been a fan favorite for many gamers everywhere.  Since it’s release, there’s been several different manifestations of it that add new environments and mechanics that provide the base game what it really needs to enhance the overall experience.  It’s time to expand the cities and the knights on the outskirts of town will guard the towns people from the invading barbarians. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Top 10 Expansions We Own: #10

Greetings all faithful readers and tabletop enthusiasts!  For the next 10 weeks we will be doing our top 10 Expansions that we own!  This list in no way reflects our opinions of the greatest expansions ever released, only the expansions we have purchased.  Since we only review games that we own, we will therefore only review the best expansions that we own as well.  Our number 10 is Machi Koro: Millionaires Row.  While the base game of Machi Koro is a good game, it needed more variety and one specific, vital change in order to fix a broken mechanic.  Read on to see why.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Boards & Brews at Home: Blood Rage

Well this is it, the creme del a creme.  A game so incredibly well made I could just weep.  To further the viking theme of this game, we also have our mead that we picked up from New Day Meadery in Fountain Square.  A little over a year ago we met up with one of our local gaming groups and played a game called Blood Rage.  At the time I had only read about it and I was highly intrigued so when I saw it at game night I was thoroughly excited.  The fact that it has a viking theme was the first selling point for me, and second it’s a miniatures game, and finally it had a unique array and splice of mechanisms in such a way that I had never seen combined before.  At first glance the game appears more overwhelming to some, but it’s really not that bad.  We purchased this game about 6 months ago, before it briefly went out of print and have played it just about 40 times since then and it hasn’t worn down a bit for us!  Life is fleeting, but glory is eternal.  Now is the time for rage!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Boards & Brews at Home: Dimension

Even on Christmas Eve we’re releasing posts for our blog!  However, we’re keeping it light with a game we gave a micro review to last year at Gen Con in 2015.  Since that time, we decided to purchase it and we figured a more detailed closer look would be good.  We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our Mead provided by New Day Meadery in Fountain Square, along with our abundance of cheese and meat that we purchased from the Cheese Shop in Keystone.  Our bodies are filled with much happiness and it’s time to jump into a somewhat dexterity-like, abstract puzzle game for 1 - 4 players.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Have Fun Stormin' Da Castle!

For this week, we returned to The Well off of 116th St. in Fishers and partake in caffeine to assist us in building more castle walls.  We seem to be building lots of walls lately.  This will be no exception in this review either because we are playing the popular yet out of print tile-laying game, Carcassonne: The Castle.  It's always nice to play in public locations, as we generally have strangers who approach us asking about the games we are playing.  This happened with a few people today and we are always glad to see others taking an interest in tabletop gaming.  As far as the beverages, we both enjoyed the spicy snowmen which were white mochas with spicy cinnamon.  They were sweet and had a pleasant kick of spiciness to them.  Very recommended if you stop in!  While there are obvious parts of this game that overlap with the original Carcassonne, there are some differences that separate it.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Component Corner: Ep. 6 - Dice Decor

In this segment of Component Corner we discuss a couple of uses for dice beyond the table.  Whether you enjoy board games, D&D or other RP’s, a lot of gamers understand the necessity of dice and the enjoyment of it’s visual appeal.  There’s all types of dice ranging from standard to premium to polyhedral.  No matter what we’re playing or what game calls for a specific type of die, we have a little bit of everything.  Compulsive tabletop gamers like us could practically make dice collecting a hobby all by itself.  Read on to see that there’s more than one use for these colorful eye candies.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Boards & Brews at Home: Wise and Otherwise

We’re back with another at home segment to play Wise and Otherwise, a bluffing party game for 2 - 6 players.  Do you like to stretch your creative and witty thinking to bluff your way through a game?  How much do you know about old proverbs and phrases throughout history?  How good are you at deceiving others around you to believing that something sounds convincing, but is entirely false?  Are you a wise individual or just a smarty pants?  You’ll have to really prove your creativity in this one to get to the end first, so read on to see our thoughts.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Kickstarter Review #3: Mythic Wars: Clash of the Gods

On this review we return to Books and Brews for another Kickstarter release called Mythic Wars: Clash of the Gods which can currently be found here.  We would like to thank Excalibre Games for sending us a copy of their prototype for review.  On this visit Claire had the Ace Perry Pear Cider which carried a pronounced pear flavor, sweet and tart with a dry finish, while I had the Grinch That Stole Thanksgiving which was a gingerbread spiced ale with a warm, tasty finish.  Come with us as we compete in battles of mythic proportions!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Drink till you're wonky

No, actually drink responsibly!  Today’s review we returned to Redemption Alewerks for a very light segment to bring you a dexterity game known as Wonky.  I once again, enjoyed the Taxman Deduction, and did not have so much that it impaired my ability to stack the cubes!  This is a very unique approach to stacking objects to keep them from falling.  It’s very different from other dexterity games like Jenga, or Kewbz.  Follow us into what will most likely be one of the most straight forward games that we have reviewed to date!  

Sunday, November 13, 2016

You Gonna Build A Wall?

Yeah I know, but considering everything currently going on in politics, I had to give it that title.  In today’s segment we return to Heady Hollow to play Carcassonne: The Dice Game to build walls!  We enjoyed the Rowdy Root Beer and 60 Horses Scotch Ale to help us roll for those fortifying castle walls.  Carcassonne as a dice game?  This is a very interesting concept compared to it’s predecessor with nearly a hundred tiles and multi-colored meeples sweeping across the land.  However, we still have the same end goal, to build lots of walls!  This version is essentially a micro version of the same concept, except we’re using dice instead of tiles and this version can be played in 10 minutes.  The idea came about for a tenth anniversary edition when many gamers backed the idea for dice rolling mechanics for the original.  Follow us back into France as we continue to build cities faster than ever.