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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boards & Brews at Home: Pandemic

People everywhere are becoming deathly sick, epidemics continue to break out, and fatal diseases are spreading worldwide.  The world's only hope is a group of scientists, engineers, medics, and various operations personal to work together to save humanity.  In this 2 - 4 player co-op game the diseases are rapidly spreading faster by the minute and you and your disease control team must work together to either cure and/or eradicate all of the diseases in order to save mankind.  Today this is being performed in the internationally award winning game known as Pandemic.  As much as we love the expansions for Pandemic, this segment we are only playing and reviewing the base game and will save our thoughts about the expansions for a special segment down the road. 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mayored to the Mob

Today we returned to the awesome Redemption Alewerks for two of the people's breakfast poutines and delicious Brugge Crantastico's to play Machi Koro.  The brunch menu at Redemption Alewerks is strongly recommended!  We arrived at the opening time at 11:00, and they had very nice classic Christmas music playing, but after about an hour or so when more people arrived, the Christmas music was unfortunately replaced by hip-hop and No Doubt.  In the game of Machi Koro, you've just been elected the mayor of a small town that you are trying to build up into the largest city possible.  In the beginning, your town consists of a wheat field, a bakery, and a single die so it will undoubtably be a phenomenal feet to accomplish in order to fulfill the demands, and please the citizens of Machi Koro.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Time and Punishment

Today we returned to Sure Shot Coffee to immerse ourselves in their wonderful vanilla latte's and vanilla americano's to play Tides of Time.  Tides of Time is a small two player card drafting game still hot on the market as it just released at the beginning of August and made it's debut at GenCon.  Come with us as we return to a time of ancient civilization and monumental empires as they prosper and collapse through time.  From times long forgotten to times recently lost, civilizations will rise and fall as the tide of time carries them.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Kickstarter Review #1: Buy The Rights

This weeks segment is a special focus as we gathered at Redemption Alewerks with the creators of a current, hot Kickstarter game known as Buy the Rights.  This 3 to 10+ player movie-pitching party game is based on creating your own film and then pitching the idea to a producer who will then provide funds up to 20 million dollars to at least one or more players around him or her.  Do you like movies?  How about basking in the creativity of story-telling, on-going laughter from ridiculous, and hilarious film creation?  Read on to learn about this fun and unique party game!