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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Party On Wayne!

Happy New Year everyone!  Kicking off the new year, we returned to the always enjoyable Redemption Alewerks in Fishers off of 96th St. to play the 2 - 4 player social deduction game, Love Letter: Batman Edition.  A lot of gamers who enjoy social deduction games have more likely than not played the original Love Letter card game.  This version carries a DC comics theme with Batman at the front of the line.  Check out the process of this fun micro game!

Most social deduction games carry more deduction and reasoning, but Batman Love Letter is a really straight forward and light weight game that can be played in 10 - 20 minutes.  The players perform two actions per turn: drawing a card and then playing a card.  The actions on the cards are very straight forward and easily understood to perform.  After some quick drawing of cards and playing the actions in your favor, the round is over and whoever has the upper hand when the last card is played, is the winner of that round and receives a batman token.  Whoever gains 7 tokens first is the winner and the game is over.  In my opinion this game is much more about playing card actions and guessing rather than deductive reasoning.  Every move is contingent on which cards are placed down and the actions that have to follow from those cards.  Any other time during the game, you and your opponents are just taking chances and guessing.  Like other social deduction games, you can bluff or tell the truth.  However, there is no consequence for lying in this game.  Nothing is checked against your word, so you can just outright lie your way through the game and you don't technically have to reveal anything to back up your word.  That is one issue I have with the gameplay mechanics of this game.  It is still fun, and very portable.  While it is fun to play this as a 2 player game, it's much better and we recommend it with 4 players.  The artwork is excellent and carries a detailed comic book style to the table.  Batman Love Letter can be played very quickly, and that makes it an excellent little filler game at game nights.  The tokens are also a really nice component in this game and add to the enjoyment of this version of Love Letter.  It's a good game for first time exposure to social deduction games and a really good game if you like Batman!

Love Letter: Batman Edition
Overall Meeple Rating: 6.5/10

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