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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Component Corner: Ep. 1 - Stonemaier Games Treasure Chest

Greetings fellow tabletop gamers, and welcome to our 50th post!  Today is the beginning of a new addition to the blog called Component Corner.  Anyone who plays tabletop games knows that game components are both required and optional.  In most cases you have a specified amount of game components that are supposed to come with your game.  Other times you can purchase additional components that are purely optional, but add a significant amount of enjoyment and quality to your gaming experience.  Claire and I will be writing multiple episodes for Component Corner, but they will be spread out more and not always on a designated schedule like some of our other segments.  We love getting additional components for our games to enhance the quality of the gameplay, and since we have numerous components in our possession, we figured these segments would be a great addition!  In today's first episode, we'll be reviewing the Stonemaier Games Treasure Chest.  Read on to learn about this great complement to your board games.
Even before opening the box, it's notable to mention the quality of the exterior.  The cardboard is extra thick so it's very durable and the outer layer is a slick, linen, premium matte finish for a much higher quality feel.  The design and artwork execution such as the wooden texture really gives it a rustic, yet superior presence.  When looking further at the detail of the artwork, I appreciate everything from the hinges on the back to the Stonemaier Games emblem with the key hole on the front.  It is certainly a quality presentation for a quality product.
When observing the components inside of the box, we see the detailed resource components of bricks, stones, ore, gold, sapphires, and lumber logs.  The inner lining is made of a velvet felt fabric that holds and protects the components nicely and thus, creates less noise should the components shuffle around.  A lot of components are normally only designed for the single game that you purchased in this case the treasure chest really leans more toward Euphoria, not just because of the components but also the bonus cards for Euphoria.  However, the Treasure Chest's components can also be added across multiple games like Agricola, Caverna, Alien Frontiers, Belfort, Euphoria, Glass Road, Kingsburg, Lewis & Clark, Stone Age, Tzolk'in, and a lot more!
Taking a closer look at the individual components, you get an even better feel for how well they are presented.  With the exception of the gold bricks and the ore, the remaining components are made of plastic and resin.  The ore and the gold are a metallic material and very well weighted, especially the gold bricks.  It's quite cathartic to shuffle them in your hand, and the gold bricks are by far our favorite of all the remaining tokens.  The fine craftsmanship of each one definitely enhances the experience of your games no matter which one you add it to.  Yes, the treasure chest is the same cost of your average board game, but make no mistake about it, this whole unit with all of it's contents is the quality you would expect.  I just wish the box was a little deeper with an extra shelf underneath full of the metal engraved Lira tokens for the Tuscany expansion.  Unfortunately, that would have most likely increased the price significantly so that makes sense.  The idea with this product is that it's not necessarily focusing on just one game, but multiple games so that you get the best use out of it that you can.  In our opinion, it's absolutely worth the price to add to your selection of games if you're looking to enhance your overall experience.  We have more component corner episodes coming and we look forward to posting those between our regular game reviews.

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