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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Component Corner: Ep. 2 - Dominion Base Cards

Welcome to our second episode of Component Corner.  At this point, most gamers who have played Dominion have known several of the cards to seem a little bland in terms of how they were designed.  It was as if they were printed with the intention of saving time.  So what are these cards?  The Dominion Base Cards are an enhanced component to make your experience visually better while playing the game, and for gamers that are more visual, this would be be a good buy.
The following card types are the updated treasure cards, victory point cards and one curse card.  With 10 different card types (not counting one new trash card), and a total count of 250 in the box, you get a lot for your money.  The detail of the graphics alone is a good enough reason to make the purchase not counting the whole portability factor and ease of use.  These cards can be used to replace the basic cards from Dominion or Dominion: Intrigue or they can be used with the expansions that contain no basic cards.  In other words, these will work across every copy of dominion and expansion so you no longer have to lug around the larger base game boxes and rather just have the convenience of using a small box to carry with you for playing all versions of dominion. 
The original treasure cards were just coins and all the same color at that.  I always wondered why the coins weren't at least different colors to reflect their currency/value.  The newer cards are obviously all the more clear now and the added artwork only adds to the experience, not to mention the convenience of everything in one place.

I'm even further impressed with the graphics of the victory point cards.  The quality and display of the scenery on the cards is definitely what this game called for years ago.  All of the remaining cards in Dominion have such great artwork, and it's too bad these did not surface much earlier on.  The base cards released in the summer of 2012 and we have gotten much use out of them with all of our versions of Dominion. Until the time these released, everyone had to grab their original boxes which were obviously much larger and a bigger pain to take the time to go through and fish out the cards.  Otherwise, you had to come up with an alternate storage procedure to make it easier on yourself.  For us, we always lugged around our extra boxes just in case we needed extra cards, but not since we purchased the upgraded base cards set.  It's always easier when you have a much smaller, more portable solution for your games.  I would always highly recommend this to anyone whether it's a homemade solution or one that you can purchase for an inexpensive price.

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  1. So cool! I feel like we already have too many dominion cards, but I am definitely a very visual gamer so maybe we "need" them :)