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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Flipping The Bird

Hello friends, we are leaving Twitter and wanted to give a couple of days notice to our followers.  Twitter is just not for us and we're going to be flipping that bird right out the door.  Our account on Instagram has flourished far greater with much more activity and that account is the exact same as the one on twitter, @boardsbrewsblog.
It's less work to manage one account that we know is seeing much more activity for the nature of our posts are really more about pictures and info rather than a simple update with limited characters.  If you aren't following us on Instagram, you should because so far that's where the party is and our giveaway contests will still be held over there as well.  Hopefully we will see you over there or even just the blog.  We welcome you either way and thank you for your support during our time on Twitter.


  1. Good call. IG casts a wider, more organic net I find.

    1. Definitely. We're looking forward to seeing things evolve more on Instagram, as well as only having to manage one account. ;)