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Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Beginning of a New Trend

Typically my wife and I play our games within our home, but for the last few months, we have also been attending Noble Coffee & Tea every Sunday morning at 10AM.  This is a perfect location for board gaming, and the coffee is amazing! The atmosphere is excellent, warm and relaxed.  The employees are friendly and respectful.  So far, we've been bringing smaller games to Noble Coffee & Tea, and will most likely switch up our location every now and again. The limited components in smaller games is much more advantageous when in a public establishment. Plus it's great to learn about new portable games to add to your collection!  We have a lot of games to review and will do a segment on one new game every week, posting our thoughts about each one.  Unless we do segments from a convention, the game reviews you see on this blog will just be games that we own.  One of the reasons we chose to review our own games is for convenience whenever we officially start a more consistent gaming group, we want people to know what kind of games we're interested in and also what we have to offer you if you were to join our group.  Not to mention it's essential for security and insurance purposes.  However, since the games we'll be reviewing are games we already own, you won't be seeing a lot of negative reviews on this blog, but we'll still be honest. ;)  Continue Reading >>>
Playing our games in public has become a new trend for us, and we would never shy away from inviting you to sit down with us to have a fun time.  Even though Indianapolis is the board gaming capital of the world, lots of people are still playing catch up to this notion.  Bringing our games out to the public helps bring more awareness of the hobby to others who still have yet to learn what all it has to offer.  We have a lot of different games in our collection that nearly every type of personality would enjoy, but we also keep things appropriate with the games we bring to the table.  
If you're a diverse individual who likes to have fun, socialize, and expand your mind, you should join us!  If you live in Hamilton County or in Indianapolis send us an email at  Cheers!

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  1. That con panna was so good, I can't wait to go back.