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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Quick, Decisive Actions in the Woodland Realm

This week Claire and I played the 2 - 5 player fantasy card drafting game, Fairytale.  As always with every Sunday morning, we went to Noble Coffee & Tea to consume our caffeinated beverages, and bask in the greatness of scented teas and freshly roasted coffee beans.  We sat in the lounge area to the immediate left of the entrance where we got comfortable for our four rounds of quick decision making, and swapping of hands.
There's really not a lot to this game.  The game is played in four rounds.  Just like other card drafting games, the point of Fairytale is to gain as many points as possible by choosing the cards that will provide the most points at the end of the four drafting turns. In each of these turns, players are dealt five cards. They simultaneously select one each and pass the remainder, repeating until done. Then, they start playing cards simultaneously, playing three and discarding two. When the cards are revealed after each selection, card abilities turn other cards face-up or face-down.  At the end of the four rounds there are 12 cards in front of each player. The players each score based on their face-up cards.  Fairytale is a good little card drafting game.  I'm not blown away by it, but I definitely like it.  As far as a comparison to other small card drafting games, I would say it's a little above Sushi GO in terms of density.  Fairytale is not a complicated game.  It provides a few more mechanics than Sushi GO, but does not carry a lot of weight to it.  It's a great middle of the road card drafting game and could be taught to any number of age ranges.  Plus, you can never go wrong with a fantasy theme. The art is nice. It provides that lucid, dream-like scenery that pulls you in to a different world which makes for an imaginative, fun, fantasy experience. 

Overall Meeple Rating: 6/10

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