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Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Evil Wizard Took My Beer!!

On this segment we return to Books & Brews to review a fast-paced, light strategy, two player game known as Dragonheart.  The premise of this game is that an evil wizard has placed the great dragon, the protector of the realm, into a petrified slumber, and it's fiery breath locked away in a ruby jewel known as the Dragonheart.  With the land's guardian imprisoned, trolls and fire dragons run amuck, barely held in check by brave knights and canny huntresses.  Two different roles are taken on by both players.  You can either be a disciple of the great dragon, and focus your skills on freeing him, or as a minion of the evil wizard, you can see to it that the dragon sleeps forever.
To accomplish these goals, the two players take turns placing cards on the board in order to collect cards for their score piles.  To collect cards, the players follow the process of elimination indicated by arrows that direct an action to take other cards from their piles.  Each card has a worth ranging from one to four and the player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner and succeeds their goal.  In this game, Claire chose the green cards, so she was the dragon's disciple, so I had to take the red cards, which made me the evil wizard's minion.  After we added up all of our cards, I ended up winning by three points, so evil reigned supreme today.  As far as the overall game, I'm really on the fence with this one.  It's not horrible, but it's definitely not great either.  It is however an acceptable 15 minute filler game.  The artwork is also pretty cool, but the gameplay doesn't leave much room for excitement, it's just average to me.  We picked this one up on clearance a while back, and when it comes to dragons I really can't say no, and the title is called Dragonheart could we not buy this?  It's just too bad the game isn't more exciting.

Overall Meeple Rating: 4.5/10

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