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Sunday, June 28, 2015

On Any Forbidden Sunday

On this segment we returned to Books & Brews to play Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert, our first double feature!  As always, we had another great experience at Books & Brews.  Both of these games are cooperative and Forbidden Island is the more lenient of the two.  The idea behind Forbidden Island is that you and your colleagues are trying to get off of an evil Island that is gradually sinking and plotting to drown all of you.   

While this is happening, you must work together to strategize how you will gather the four scattered relics, make it back to fools landing (the helicopter pad), and fly away to safety.  To be successful, at least one person must survive with the relics in hand. You flip tiles every turn when cards are drawn to determine which portions of the island are going to be going under water.
Today was a successful round with Forbidden Island and we all managed to gather the lost relics, make it back to fools landing, and fly away.  It's always nice when everyone survives and makes it out in one piece.  Huzzah!
In Forbidden Desert, you and your crew have crashed your airship into the desert, scattering various parts around, buried under the sand.  This one does not involve sinking, but rather the sun beating down, and periodical wind storms causing the sand to bury things quicker, not to mention the sand almost constantly shifting which moves the tiles around.  The players need to work cooperatively together to locate, rebuild, then fly out of the desert before you either die of thirst or too many sand storms.  These are essentially the same game, however Forbidden Desert is much more aggressive.  Between the two, Forbidden Island is a gateway game, and Forbidden Desert is a gamers game. 
Not long into the gameplay of Forbidden Desert, three of the four players died which only left Claire.  She had picked up the part that I had dropped, and then after further team collaboration, Claire managed to find and build all four pieces back onto the airship and victoriously fly away!  That has never happened before and was pretty cool to witness from so early in the game.  These games are really fun and I love Co-op games.  Forbidden Island brings a lighter weight, but sometimes a nail-bitting experience, while Forbidden Desert definitely requires more elaborate strategy between all players, due to the shifting tiles and how quickly that game can take everyone out.  I'm glad Claire and I own both of these games and I recommend them to anyone's gaming library!

Overall Meeple Ratings:
Forbidden Island: 6.5/10

Forbidden Desert: 7.5/10

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