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Sunday, June 21, 2015

...We've Got Fun and Games (obviously).

Today we visited Mama Bear's Bakery in Geist/Fishers for cinnamon rolls and coffee.  The cafe has a very welcoming feel to it.  Between the wood carvings, the long wooden beams across the ceiling, and forest art, this cafe has a ski-lodge feel to it, which I really like.  There's also a variety of breakfast food and lunch sandwiches.  The employees seem nice and I could see us returning here again.  The game of choice for today was Welcome to the Dungeon.  The game has a push your luck element,
and take that mechanics.  It was originally based off of another game called Dungeon of Mandom, which launched in 2013, and later this game was released in France and Korea.  It was not until recently at the end of May that this game was released in English for the U.S. which makes this a new addition to our gaming collection. At the beginning of the game, players will choose a base character.  The game is played in rounds by each person that draws cards, then either chooses to select specific equipment from the character to discard, or to pass their turn.  When they choose to pass, the player who did not pass their turn, is forced to go into the dungeon with the remaining equipment on the table.  
This game is quite good, but it really is quick, which makes it a great filler game.  In my opinion, it's much quicker than I would prefer, and there's really not many mechanics to keep in check, so it's not as engaging as I had hoped. It's much more of a push your luck game.  I've heard that people like this with two players, but I would argue that it's much better with 3 to 4 players and best with 3 players. Thematically it's geeky and fun plus the artwork is really well done too.  The fun, cartoon-like art was one of the bigger things that drew me toward this game, and the high quality components are what we have come to expect from Iello.   I still enjoy mini games that have a push your luck element, and that makes Welcome to the Dungeon a good addition to our collection.  

Welcome to the Dungeon
Overall Meeple Rating: 6.5/10

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