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Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Sure Shot at Victory!

Today's segment is being played at the newly opened Sure Shot Coffee in downtown Fishers off of 116th st.  Sure Shot stemmed from what began as a small T-Shirt and skate shop known as Vardagen.  The environment is relaxed, welcoming, and fun.  Their staff are very friendly, respectful, attentive professionals who know how to make great coffee!  In the back of the building resides a small comfortable seating area as well as some tabletop games that they provide for their customers!  Claire and I have been very involved with Sure Shot Coffee so far.
 We backed them on Kickstarter and firmly believe in what they are doing.  We are thoroughly pleased with our experience with Sure Shot and will be returning many times to show our support!  You won't find another coffee shop in the area as good as this one and these are our kind of people!
Today we introduce the official Boards & Brews mascot, Steve!  He will be joining us for every segment that we do going forward.  Steve is a white mamegoma and loves being involved with tabletop games!  Today we will be playing Set, which also happens to be one that they have at the shop!  Set is a classic, abstract, shape matching game where twelve cards are laid down each time, and the players attempt to find sets of three cards.  These cards contain different shapes, colors and patterns, and each set must be three cards that are either all different or all the same in each attribute. One example could be that you have three different colors, but one pattern of equally similar shapes.  A legal set of three cards could be one empty diamond, two empty diamonds, and three empty diamonds.  Another could be one red, one green and one purple of the same count, but one empty, one textured, one filled object, but not two of the same color.  You cannot have the same color with the same object if it is an uneven count of objects between the three cards.
We do not own very many abstract games, but Set is a pretty cool game to own if you like identifying and matching multiple abstract patterns in a very quick amount of time.  This makes Set a very good filler game and would certainly exercise your brain for more rapid thinking.

Overall Meeple Rating: 6/10

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