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Sunday, July 19, 2015

More Gold, More Coffee, More Wins!

Today we have returned to Sure Shot coffee to play Citadels.  Once again, we have had another great experience at Sure Shot and would never shy away from inviting any new players to the table.  Citadels is a card game of bluffing, diplomacy, and city building for 2 - 8 players.  The purpose of this game is that you are a medieval ruler trying to build the largest city before your opponents can.
You expand your city by adding districts, which are built through the accumulation, and spending of gold pieces.   This is a strategy that you must invest in wisely.  Some districts cost more to build than others and in some cases, building the more expensive districts can have its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the characters in play.  There are Lords, ladies, and nobility that you choose from in every round, which are drawn from the character deck, and each of them has their own role to play during each round throughout the game. This causes the game to change on every players turn based on the character role that they choose. The first player to build up to eight districts for their city wins and the game is over. The thing about Citadels is that it can change directions very rapidly and you have to change your strategy on the fly during every turn. If you are in a position of power by holding the crown marker, you get to go first in every round that you have attained that piece, which can give you the advantages at first pick of the character cards and to see what all is currently in play. This can greatly assist you in devising your strategy per turn. I really like this game. I’ve heard from a number of people within gaming circles that Citadels is either really good or really bad. This is very interesting to me but also understandable. There’s diplomacy involved in this game, it has multiple take that mechanics. To me, that is also what makes this game so much fun, because it can change in a moments notice and your strategy that you were planning could back fire on you. I’m also just a huge fan of games from the medieval era so I like that about this game.  The artwork is very nice; some of the cards are surprisingly dark depending on the content of the card.  I suppose that’s to be expected from the middle ages.  After playing Citadels several times, I can see how it’s not for everyone, even if you like the theme and artwork, it’s designed to be a little more aggressive. It’s definitely a game that I’ll be playing again and again, as I know Claire really likes it as well, but I would suggest you play this one in advance before you go running off to buy it.

Overall Meeple Rating: 7/10

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