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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Get Yer Geek On!

Look out fellow geeks, here it is!  Today we went to Sure Shot Coffee in Fishers to play Geek Out!  Between years of science-fiction film viewing, fantasy films, several years of childhood super hero shows, tabletop games and video game experience since 1983, we consider ourselves quite the geeks.  Well, this game will really test your geek knowledge to the absolute limits!  There's not a lot to this game in terms of rules and complexity.  It's a party and bidding trivia game with hundreds of geeky questions from five genres, Games (both tabletop and video), Fantasy, Comics, Sci-Fi, and miscellaneous/pop culture style questions.  These 5 categories will demand answers from your knowledge on books, games, movies, TV shows, franchises, and more. 
Some questions are not too hard, while others will really stump you!  Some cards may only require a couple of answers while others will require up to 6 or 8.  The active player rolls a six-sided color die, although one side is only white which means it's a wild, and they get to choose the genre.  Any other color that is rolled, the next player draws a card and reads the item corresponding to the color that was rolled.  This is a bidding game, so when you read off your card, you then say how many different aspects of the question you can answer.  IE, you can name the specified two, or three or four, etc. etc.  Then you name that many and if you end up unable to deliver the specified number that you gave, you will take a penalty token.  All players need to be on spot for this game, otherwise like the weather in Indiana, things can change in a moment.  Players that may fall behind, can always bounce back in a game like this.  It just all depends on the cards that are drawn.
One negative thing I should mention right off the bat, is the size of the box in proportion to the components inside.  I can't stand it when publishers do this, it's so confusing.  As you can see, this design is really bad.  The box could have been so much smaller and taken up much less space.  The cards are stacked in the center, and then all of the remaining space on the top and bottom consists of 20 small penalty tokens and one colored die that hardly takes up any room.  For some reason, all of the remaining space is just filled in with white cardboard…..but why???  Maybe someday playroom will re-release the box to be made smaller as it should be.  This game also does not require paper and pencil to play.  This is just something that Claire and I like to do instead and especially for the purpose of this review.  You would not have to use this oversized box if you purchased it.  You could just as easily grab a normal (sandwich size), zip-block bag and fit everything from the box into that, and you would save so much more space among your other games.  Aside from that, this is a really fun game!  Claire and I have both won and lost a lot of different times, but it still remains to be one of our favorite trivia games that we own.  Geek Out is excellent for a party setting, it's just straight up geeky and fun.  If you're looking for a game to truly test your geek knowledge to it's core, you need look no further, you found it.

Geek Out!
Overall Meeple Rating: 6/10

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