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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Spotting New Places

Today we tried a new location in the Herron-Morton Place district of downtown Indy known as Thirsty Scholar.  It is located within the historic Penn Arts building which was built in the early 1920's, and still retains an early 20's european style.  They serve a variety of drinks such as coffee, tea, beer and wine, so it's our kind of place!  The barista's were courteous, but aloof.  The coffee had excellent foam and was well presented, but Claire's almond milk cappuccino was bitter.  We would like to revisit as we enjoyed the atmosphere and would like to sample their other offerings. 

As for the game, we played the simple, quick response game known as Spot It!  This one is quite interesting as it looks like a game for kids, but it's absolutely fun for adults too!  As you can see from the tiles in front of Steve, every tile in the game will always have one corresponding image that matches another image on another tile.  The game essentially requires that one of the players spots another image of the same matching on another tile, and calls that image out before anyone else can call out their matching image, then moves onto the next tile.  Whoever can spot, then call out as many of the matching images as possible, gaining the most tiles before they run out, will win the game.  This 2 - 8 player game has 5 different types of games that you can play, so there is a lot of replay-ability here.  Today we played a total of 6 rounds, 4 of those were the Tower (default game) and then the other two rounds were the Well variant, which is the reverse of the tower game.  
Whether you have children in your family or not, this game can be played from ages 7 and up.  It's a very good, little party game.  Unfortunately it does come in a tin.  Spot It is very portable, the style of the artwork is happy, cartoonish, but very clear.  Just like the game Set, your mind is played with in very similar ways.  Sometimes it may take you a second as the image that you are trying to match may not pop out at you immediately, while other times you may get it the moment you reveal the next tile.  The game just varies, and that makes it all the more fun for everyone else at the table.  I love how sometimes all of the players at the table are silent and no one can seem to match their image until about ten+ seconds later.  The game brings laughter, and sometimes on-the-edge-of-your-seat thinking.  The object of this game is to think very quickly, so just like Set, you have to respond as quickly as possible in order to gain the most tiles possible.  This makes it a very good filler game, and a great way to exercise your brain's responsiveness.  

Spot It!
Overall Meeple Rating: 6.5/10

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