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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Component Corner: Ep. 4 -

Welcome to the 4th installment of Component Corner.  Like many tabletop gamers, we are big fans of theme and we love integrating a game’s theme as thoroughly as possible when we play.  If you’ve been one of our regular readers on this blog, you know from past segments that we are avid users of Be it our beverages, upgraded resources or the location we are playing, it’s just fun to make gaming a multi-sensory experience.  However, since we are not able to pop over to a haunted dungeon or transport ourselves to Middle-earth, what are we to do?  Head over to!  Tabletop Audio is a free site focused on enhancing your gaming experience with sound.  Read on to see how we use this terrific resource for at home gaming!
While not a tangible component, the ambiance of your gaming environment is still plays a vital role in the enjoyment of your games.  Tabletop Audio provides high quality, original 10 minute ambiance/music clips to use free of charge.  There is also a built in player that allows you to create a playlist  to go with your game.  Currently there are 96 audio clips in categories such as: Fantasy, SciFi, Historical, Modern, Nature and Horror.   While originally intended for RP players, we have found this to be a great supplement to many different tabletop games.

Since the clips are only 10 minutes in length, having them loop more than a few times can get old, so for longer games we would recommend creating a playlist with several similarly themed clips. You can title and save these playlists to make set up easier next time you play.  Do note that this is device dependent rather than account based, so you cannot create a playlist on your laptop and then play it from your phone. If you want cool sound effects, but wish to have greater control over the end result, Tabletop Audio also recently added SoundPad, which lets you create and save your own custom sound environments.

Overall, Tabletop Audio is a great resource for gamers of all kinds and provides a wonderful added dimension to your game experience.  The interface is well structured whether using a desktop computer or phone, just plug into some speakers and you're all set.  While it is free, you can sign up as a Patreon contributor or donate, should you so choose.  Check it out if you haven't heard of it already, it's really a unique little tool to add to your gaming environment.

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