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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Component Corner: Ep. 6 - Dice Decor

In this segment of Component Corner we discuss a couple of uses for dice beyond the table.  Whether you enjoy board games, D&D or other RP’s, a lot of gamers understand the necessity of dice and the enjoyment of it’s visual appeal.  There’s all types of dice ranging from standard to premium to polyhedral.  No matter what we’re playing or what game calls for a specific type of die, we have a little bit of everything.  Compulsive tabletop gamers like us could practically make dice collecting a hobby all by itself.  Read on to see that there’s more than one use for these colorful eye candies.

The various types of polyhedral dice come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Some are made of clear plastic, others are translucent colors, some are wooden, and others are metal. No matter what kind you have, if you own an array of dice, they will add plenty of color to any room and always be in easy reach when you need them.  You can use them as point counters to increase or decrease your hit point status or other numbered methods if you aren't wanting to use an abundance of tokens.  You could use them to determine player order or active player marker, or you can just collect them because of how unique and fun they are to have in your collection.

Consider how nice a colorful and geeky center piece is when you have your gaming friends over they will spout out words of envy and praise when they see such colorful taste in your decoration skills.  Not to mention, easy access to dice for when it comes time to bust out a game.

This D20 pendant white perl necklace is just one of many dice jewelry options from an Etsy store known as MageStudio. Be sure to check out their other necklaces.  The owners of this page use premium dice and it gives you a feel for the caliber that they strive to create from.  Why stop at necklaces?  Why not go with earrings too?  If you wanted to make your own, you would need a very small drill bit and a vice or other very strong tension clamp to hold the die firmly in place before drilling.  It wouldn't be difficult to create yourself, but would only be advisable under the control of an adult that knows what they are doing and how to safely and properly operate power tools.

It's not necessarily a bad thing to continually purchase high quality dice, just as long as it doesn't become an addiction and end up eventually covering your entire dining room table and cause you to compulsively purchase more allowing them to completely overthrow your entire home.

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