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Saturday, April 11, 2015

International TableTop Day 2015

Today we celebrated International TableTop day at Redemption Alewerks in Fishers off of 96th Street!  Claire and I don't drink too often, but when we do....we play tabletop games!   This was a great place to game!  We brought in our own games, but Redemption Alewerks is also equipped with their own board games and provide comfortable lounging for their customers. Read on to learn more about today's segment!
They have a great selection of appetizers, beer, wine, spirits, mead & hard cider.  The customer service was excellent!  Their staff are very kind and attentive.  The seating arrangement was great, the environment was very clean and relaxed.  We were very pleased with the overall experience, and will definitely be returning again.
We played multiple games today, but the primary game of choice was BANG! The Dice Game.  It's a 3 to 8 player dice rolling, push your luck, party game.  In BANG! The Dice Game, each player takes on different roles and characters during the game such as the sheriff, the deputes, the outlaws or the renegades.  The sheriff and the deputes need to kill the outlaws.  The outlaws win by killing the sheriff, and the renegades want to be the last ones alive in the game.  During the game you also want to gather as many bullets (life points) as you can, while shooting the sheriff, removing him from the equation.  As soon as the sheriff is killed, the game is over.  Each player also receives a character card which grants them a special ability to use for the duration of the game.
The sheriff reveals his role card at the beginning of the game, then takes the first turn.  On each turn, the players can roll the five dice up to 3 times,using the results of the dice to shoot neighboring players, increase the range of his shots, heal his (or anyone else's) life points, or put him in range of the Indians, which are represented by nine tokens in the center of the table. Each time a player rolls an arrow, he takes one of these tokens; when the final token is taken, each player loses one life point for each token he holds, then the tokens are returned to the center of the table. If a player collects a trio of Gatling symbols on the dice, he fires one shot at everyone else and rids himself of Indian tokens. Who'll get his shot off first? Play continues until one team meets its winning condition – and death won't necessarily keep you from winning as long as your teammates pull through!  Joining us today was Chris and Brittany and it was nice to have their company during today's segment.  I love Bang the Dice game.  While Claire and I have played the regular card game version of Bang and still really enjoy that one, I just can't say no to dice rolling.  To me, it's the dice that make all of the difference for me in this game.  They're larger, heavier, great engraved quality dice that you love to pick up and roll every time.  The tokens are a decent, cardboard quality as are the arrow tokens too.  The cards carry great artwork, the game has fun, social mechanics that really keeps everyone engaged.  This is a great old western/saloon thematic game.  It's absolutely perfect for a location such as Redemption Alewerks, party settings, game nights, or any other tabletop event and definitely essential to every gamers collection.  

BANG! The Dice Game
Overall Meeple Rating: 7.5/10

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