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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Who's Yer Con 2015

This week for boards & brews Claire and I attended Who's Yer Con which was held at the Wyndham West Hotel located on the southwest side of Indianapolis.  This convention offered game stores, a game library, cosplay, comics, and workshops for FREE.  We played several new games this weekend so read on to learn more about this wonderful convention.

One of the first games we played was Dead Panic, the alternate zombie edition to Castle Panic.  The object of the game is to play cooperatively together to fend off zombies while inside of a cabin.  If you can locate and assemble the required radio pieces, call for help, and be rescued, you win the game.  The unique twist to this game is it can change if any of the players gets bitten too many times from zombies.  If any of the players turns, you're then against each other for survival.
We also played the ever popular resource management, auction/bidding game, Power Grid.  The objective in this game is to supply the most cities with power once your network has reached a desired size.  You purchase plants through an auction phase, then upgrade as more efficient plants become available.  Additionally you utilize resources that you purchase to assist in powering your cities and win the game once you have connected the most cities and attained the most money.  Power Grid is straight up awesome!  I love this game!  Some people say it's a little mathy for them, but it feels no more mathy to me than a game like Stone Age.  Besides, more math = better board game!
We also played Agricola, the worker placement, and resource management farming game.  To win this game, each player must build and cover the largest, most efficient farm gaining the most victory points.  Agricola is a pretty expensive game.  Personally, a little more than I would want to spend.  I like it, but for the components you get, it's too overpriced.  I would save your money and get Caverna instead.  We played an array of strategy and party games this weekend and look forward to returning again next year.  

Overall Meeple Ratings: 
Dead Panic: 6/10    

Power Grid: 7.5/10

Agricola: 6.5/10

Disagree or have other thoughts?  Leave a comment below.

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