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Monday, April 27, 2015

Winemaking fun, TableTop style

Today on Boards and Brews, Claire and I visited Goose the Market off of Delaware St. in downtown Indianapolis. In the lower level of their building, resides Enoteca, which was a perfect location to play Viticulture.  It's not common for us to bring in a game with so many components into a public establishment, but we could not pass this opportunity up.  Goose the Market provided us an excellent overall experience!  Their staff were very accommodating and respectful, the environment was very nice, the selection of wines, craft beers, hard ciders was widespread and offered a great variety to choose from! 
They also have a variety of appetizers including quince paste to go with bread, raw milk cheeses, olives, almonds, and roasted beans.  This is a great little place to visit for wine, beer or hard cider.  Between the warm service and overall experience, we will definitely be returning to Goose the Market! 

Viticulture is a strategic worker placement game designed to allow each player the chance at building up your own vineyard, creating wine, filling the most orders, then finally gaining the most victory points.  Each player gets to choose what time of the day they will wake up and begin giving daily tasks to each of their workers as they move through the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons.  Throughout this time, you are building structures such as trellises, irrigation tanks, cellars, tasting rooms and more.  You can choose what types of vines to plant and then harvest to make grapes.  Each player keeps track of your structures that you build on your player mat, as well as aging your wines over time, making them more valuable as the years progress.  You keep track of your workers on the main board and place them where you want them to carry out different tasks.  As each player completes said tasks at the end of each year, they are rewarded with Lira and victory points.  This process can easily be sped up if you manage to fill wine orders.  If you really like worker placement games, then Viticulture is a game that you should not be without!  The artwork is really good, the components are higher, detailed quality, and there is a lot of replay ability in this game with different strategies to execute.  Claire and I have enjoyed this game on countless occasions and it is one of the essentials to have on your shelf.

Overall Meeple Rating: 7.5/10

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  1. Well, I know where I'm going next week for my wine!! :)

  2. I just bought this game and cannot wait to try it out. It seems like a simple concept with a good amount of strategy. Would you say the game has a lot of replayability without the expansions?

    1. Good question. You'll hear of a lot of people who will say the Tuscany expansion saved Viticulture, but I still believe Viticulture to be a great game without the expansion. The thing about Tuscany is that it's a whole new beast compared to Viticulture, especially when you get to the more complicated expansions. Take this time to really familiarize yourself with Viticulture, because when the time comes that you play the more advanced expansions in Tuscany you'll see why. You have an excellent worker-placement game by itself. Take your time and enjoy it first. Thanks for commenting!